Biography of Cathrin Schulz-Mirbach

  • Born in Lugano (Switzerland)
  • Pre-school childhood in Ispra and Varese (Italy), Mol (Belgium), Patras (Greece)
  • Primary school in Brussels, grammar school finished in Athens
  • creation of paintings and sculptures in clay
  • University studies of physics, degrees physicist
  • Research assistent at the Institute of High-Frequency Technology at Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (PhD in Electrical Engineering)
  • Since 2003 work as an artist
  • Mainly influenced by learning oil painting technique with artist Alexander Ignatkov
  • Since 2018 member of the artists group 396, working on Mondays in the atelier of Lars Möller in Hamburg


  • 2018 District Art Exhibition Eutin
  • 2018 Asklepios Clinic, collective Art Exhibition
  • 2019 Museum Café Art Exhibition, Birte Kalwies and Cathrin Schulz-Mirbach
  • 2019 Collective Exhibition of the Group 396 in Torhaus Wellingsbüttel Hamburg
  • 2019 District Art Exhibition Eutin
  • 2019 Beach Church Galery Scharbeutz Art Exhibition
  • 2019 Collective Exhibition Monochrom in Hans-Ralfs-Cultural-Center Ameos Neustadt i.H.
  • 2019 Art Exhibition Fred Ahrens and Cathrin Schulz-Mirbach, Bad Schwartau
  • 2020 District Art Exhibition Eutin, due to Covid19 online
  • 2020 Bad Bevensen Art Exhibition Dieter Kiesow and Cathrin Schulz-Mirbach, till 25.10.2020


  • 2020 Luv shopping center, Fred Ahrens - Alexander Ignatkov - Cathrin Schulz-Mirbach, Lübeck, from 24.11.2020 to 05.12.2020
  • 2021 Exhibition Fred Ahrens - Rüdiger Meinhardt - Cathrin Schulz-Mirbach, Gesundheitszentrum Bad Schwartau, 30.01.2021